@ladygagaI’m just a jazzy baby that’s all #studio

@ladygaga: Night monsters, Going to sleep on Venus. The Planet is quiet tonight, all the artRavers are sleeping..:

Gaga’s speech during Born This Way at the ARTPOP ball in Los Angeles. x

today I dreamed I was at the ArtRAVE seeing Crayon Pop perform and now I wake up to see pics of gaga with them both on stage and backstage. Hikarutada, ha impact.

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July 21st, 2014: Backstage with KPOP icons Crayon Pop, before the artRAVE in Los Angeles, California

ggaga replied to your post: nocoffeeplease said:The ass gif s…

wow, lady gaga just posted a photo of YOUR ass? sensational.

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nocoffeeplease asked: The ass gif she just tweeted is yours 👀

I’m not saying gagz been stalking my blog but i mean cmon this is the 5th thing made by moi she posts online. one of my biggest fans lbr!


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July 22nd, 2014: Backstage with Sofia Vergara at the artRAVE in Los Angeles, California

@ladygaga: my little fleabag *she doesn’t actually have fleas It’s just a term of endearment*

New Mariano Vivanco photoshoot outtake.

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